Norrländska Elitbrottningarna 2017 will be held at Umeå Energi  - Vind, Gammliavägen 5, 903 42, Umeå. 

There will be five wrestling mats and a sixth mat for warming up.

WGS84: N 63° 49.7116', E 20° 17.1726'
Decimal: 63.8285, 20.2862

Map weigh-in

Weigh-in and medical check will take place in the training hall of Umeå Brottning, located in the arena next to the venue (confusingly named Umeå Energi Arena as well!). The reason is to have a sauna nearby. The picture below will help you find the weigh in.

There are separate saunas for men and women.

To find the weigh-in, go right and follow the stairs all the way to the basement. Open the door with the logo of Umeå Brottning above.