Norrländska Elitbrottningarna 2017 - 10-12 February

Umeå Brottning has the pleasure of inviting you to Norrländska Elitbrottningarna - the biggest wrestling tournament in northern Sweden! The tournament will take place at Umeå Energi Arena in Umeå, Sweden on February 10-12, 2017.

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Contact and Management

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Samuel Eriksson, Conny Tärnklev

Phone: +46-70-2130728 or +46-70-3221814
Tournament website:


Weight classes and categories

Categories wrestling on Saturday: boys and girls (born 2006-2010), cadets and female cadets (born 2000-2003), seniors and women (born -2000).

Categories wrestling on Sunday: boys and girls (born 2003-2006), juniors and female juniors (born 1997-2000).

Transport request

Please fill out the form below if you need help with transport.

Håkan Uusimäki is the head of transport. If anything seems unclear or if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact him.
Phone: +46-70-3114697
E-mail: uusimä

  • Du måste vara nåbar på detta nummer vid tidpunkten för transporten.
  • Gärna även flightnummer och annan information som kan underlätta för oss.

    Please provide us with other information that might be helpful for us. For example flight number.

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